Professional Life Coaching and Mentoring London Worldwide

Partnering With Clients In A Thought Provoking And Creative Process That Inspires Them To Maximise Their Personal And Professional Potential



Life Coaching and Mentoring in London and Worldwide

 I am a professional life coach, a member of The International Coach Federation



My name is Jonathan Brown, I offer professional life coaching, mentoring, presentations and workshops in the UK and worldwide.  

You may have a very specific goal in mind that you are struggling to accomplish, or you may feel unsatisfied at a very broad level. In either case, no matter what your current life situation, I will partner with you, the client, in a thought provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential.

My coaching ethos is to close the gap between my clients absolute potential and their current reality.

 To find out more about the work I do, please don't hesitate to contact me at Fourth Dimension Life Coaching.




I have extensive experience in sporting events, goal setting and achieving these goals. Whether this is running marathons, other endurance events, weight lifting, body weight targets and or body fat percentage goals.

This more specific aspect of coaching will have overlapping aspects of life coaching and mentoring, as I will be able to impart my experiences in this arena.

My health coaching option can also include guidance on training programs, diet regimes and accountability. But more importantly, this coaching approach focuses on the transformational learning within the journey to achieve your specific goal.

I truly believe that whether you are embarking on a physical milestone, a personal relationship goal, an exciting business opportunity or any life challenge experience, the starting place of holistic and intrinsic well-being is absolutely vital.

I believe that How we do anything is how we do everything.
Which takes us to the challenging question of -

How do you want to do life?




D H Lawrence once said

“You can do what you want with a belief, but an experience does something with you.”






I am passionate about personal growth, and one aspect of my professional capacity is to provide talks and demonstrations on the themes of mindfulness, meditation and transformational living.

I am a change agent, and I aspire to bring about that change in people by helping them re-learn the beautiful truth of who they really are. It’s not all about learning lots of new stuff, sometimes it’s more about unlearning old stuff, old scripts that we relied on for so long, old paradigms or mind maps, that we think serve us well – but do they, really?

The richest and most fruitful lessons, emotional, physical, or spiritual, come to us in the form of recognition.

To recognize something, is actually to re-learn something that at some deeper level, you already know. That’s why when we can connect to these deeper layers of knowing, we experience them as profound enlightening moments, epiphanies, awakenings. They affect us so dramatically because they have been released from that deepest part of our true selves – they have the power to change us permanently.

I believe that unfortunately, there are too many people on this planet who are asleep dreaming that they are awake – and then there are those that, for one reason or another are woken up and are out there positively disrupting the matrix. They are about the business of self-actualization in their personal growth quest, whilst seeking the zenith of interdependence in all areas of their life experiences, relationships, business success and global well-being.

Life Coaching and Mentoring in London and Worldwide

My goal with my speaking engagements is to enlighten attendees and to help them realise the power of non-dual knowing, the freedom of living in the moment, and to develop Awareness of The Now.

I also run workshops and classes for those who are moved to the practise of meditation.








  • Identify, clarify and create a vision of the goals that you want to achieve
  • Draw upon our partnering, resources and experiences, to construct a definitive plan of action to take you there
  • Guide, encourage and proactively challenge you to reach your goals


  • To raise awareness and responsibility throughout the learning journey
  • To ensure sustainability and a continued motivation for self-actualisation
  • To develop an ethos of accountability and interdependence that will bring into being the most productive, successful and content life experience that you can attain




 Is to love, live and work with integrity, sustainability, social conscience and joy.

To remain teachable and open to receive.

To know that as I give to this world, so the world gives to me.

I am a devoted change agent and I am passionate about personal development.

This is my joy.





To find out more information about my life coaching, mentoring and personal development programmes, please contact me at Fourth Dimension Life Coaching.




I am based in London, but offer services all around the UK and worldwide via various online platforms and telephone meetings.

Options for meeting include my consulting room, I can visit you at your office or meet anywhere that is conducive to an open and honest conversation. This can also include walking meetings, if this suits your needs.



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“I was tired of underachieving and never maximising my full potential. I lacked direction and any

sense of accountability. I felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time and realised I

needed lasting and meaningful change. I was introduced to Jonathan in a professional environment

and found him to be personable, attentive, reliable and trustworthy. I enlisted his coaching expertise

and began working with him immediately. Jonathan helped evaluate my goals and developed a

strategy with a clear objective to both meet and exceed my aspirations, which until then had seemed

unattainable. I have since achieved and surpassed my goals and with the application of his

professional coaching, I have subsequently been able to set new targets and priorities.

I have developed a close working relationship with Jonathan and continue to call upon his life

coaching services to this day. Whenever I am moved to re-engage in this partnership, I have always

found that I am challenged in my current thought and belief systems in a way that inspires and

motivates me to continue to do better. In my time with Jonathan, I remain astonished at his ability to

offer renewed ideas and fresh strategies to enable me to reach the success, happiness and

contentment I once never thought possible!”