I offer guest speaking, presentations and workshops on the themes of transformational living, mindfulness and holistic well-being.


My goal in these speaking engagements is to enlighten attendees and to help them realise the power of non-dual living, the liberation of being present, and to develop a deeper Awareness that will enable them to live in the moment, the sacred issness of the eternal Now.

I also run workshops and classes for those who are moved to the practise of meditation.

I believe that unfortunately, there are many people on this planet who are asleep dreaming that they are awake – and then there are those that, for one reason or another are woken up and are out there positively disrupting the matrix. They are about the business of self-actualization in their personal growth quest, whilst seeking the zenith of interdependence in all their life experiences, relationships, business success and global well being.

My hope in these speaking opportunities is to awaken others.

I have constructed and delivered talks on transformational living, mindfulness and the practice of meditation, and have presented these at various conferences, I have spoken as a guest speaker at men’s retreats, a medical seminar at local government level and on many other occasions at smaller, more intimate gatherings.