Now is your time.  


As we make the final approach to Christmas, many of us desperately reaching for the finish line, in what must surly be the most difficult and challenging times that most of us can even recall. 


And as we near the years end, some what weary, heavy hearted and not a little war torn, we would do well to hone ourselves into this ethos of non dual living. 


There is always hope, there is always light, and The Light always shines brightest in the darkest of times. 


Know this in your hearts - We will get through this together 


I urge, encourage and teach to live life from the heart and not the head - to learn to live by the expansive and limitless acceptance of the here and Now, the eternal moment - also know as Kairos. 


Seeking access to the issness of the sacred moment or what I came to know as The Primary Reality, is a practise or tradition known by many names - mindfulness, meditation, non-duality to name but a few. 


I was taught to find my own path and so I did. 


So many of us are convinced that our life experiences consists of to do lists, dead lines, schedules and clock time adherence – this is what I refer to as our secondary reality or the great distraction. 


 I am not suggesting that we drop out of our responsibilities to this very important aspect of our human experience - I am suggesting that we sure ourselves up, strengthen our resolve and aspire to an holistic well being - a design for life that allows us to reconnect to our combined humanity and brings us into our most resourceful, compassionate, effective and sustainable true selves.


There are two types of time. There's chronos, which is the ancient Greek derivative of the word Chronological which is sequential time – seconds, minutes, hours and so on. 

Then there's Kairos, which in some translations is described as eternity, which sounds like a really long time right ?

But Kairos, in its true interpretation is where time isn't - Kairos is the Eternal Moment, the perfect space of Now.


So, how do we access this Primary Reality - this Kairos ?


Well, this certainly isn't a one size fits all kinda deal, which is wonderful because there are as many ways to lean into this practice of non-dual living as there are people who need to lean into it.


Perhaps a useful key here is this . . . When our Intention and our attention are focused and aligned, we are brought into Being. 


Music can do it, the laughter of your children, sport and exercise, movement, stillness or silence can get you there. Anything that brings you consciously and fully into the moment can be your catalysis of enlightenment. 


Developing our awareness on daily basis is a highly beneficial practice that not only allows us to experience heartfelt joy in the Primary Reality, but also prepares us and gives us emotional sustenance, energy and effective readiness to attend to our our responsibilities in the secondary reality – this awareness, this proactive mindfulness is the foundation to true and long term sustainability.


The most effective way that I have found to connect to the sacred Now is through meditation.

I have a daily mediation practice, and have found much peace, insight and pure Joy as a result of this devotion over the last thirteen years or so – I simply don’t leave home without it.  


Go well, stay free and have a peaceful, safe and love filled Christmas.