As we endeavour to continue in these times of radical change and uncertainty  - it’s so important to nurture ourselves to ensure that our holistic well being is kept at the forefront of our minds. 

There is Light at the end of the tunnel, we will hold hands, hug one another, dance together, share a meal, cheer our teams on and loose ourselves in the harmonious energy of togetherness - the light of this truth is in the heart of every man, women and child - Do you know how to access this truth ? 

What steps are you taking to make sure that we enter into to it this particular new beginning, ( The Light ) and  are you a proactive part of the solution ? 

Are you ready and able to give and receive in the fullest of ways possible ? 

And in this global phase of transition, are you able to feel the warmth and energy of your Inner Light that will be the beacon for others to see and connect to at the deepest level of knowing - where non dual knowing becomes Being ? 

It can be easy to let a principle slide a little here or a standard lower a little there - and before we are consciously aware of it, we can find ourselves off balance and out of kilter. 

This lack of balance can can manifest its self in various ways via our human condition, disguised in limitless shapes and forms – overworking, lethargy, obsessive compulsive behaviors at various levels of severity, over eating, under eating, short temperedness, apathy, control issues and on and on  . . . . .

These human conditions and others like them can be seen and experienced as “the norm” as the way it is - as the way we are - I consider this to be our global insanity - This identification with the mind made sense of self. 

We must remain vigilant and true to ourselves, especially in this changing world that we find ourselves in. 

Deepening your awareness via life coaching conversations, mindfulness or any route ‘n’ resource that works for you, has never been more vital.  

What I have found in the journey of awakening is limitless Light, space and potential to truly BE who I am. 

For those who are holding on tight and struggling to get through the tough times - Let Go ! 

It’s counterintuitive I know. 

But, if you can learn to connect at a deeper level, to the your inner light and the light of those around you, The Road will rise to meet you and the journey will be much less arduous for it. 


                                                                   Go well - Stay Free.