Teacher Trees

Never more so have we needed to find a way to transcend our outside circumstances and to experience liberation from the mind made sense of self and all it’s restrictions and self imposed limits.

It’s crucial today, more than ever to find true ease and comfort from within - And trust me, it’s there waiting for you, it’s available and accessible to each and everyone who seeks it.

In these difficult times our life situations and circumstances maybe restricted by lock down measures or quarantine scenarios and these restrictions can be manipulated by our “thinking” and used to convince us that negative projection is the only way to be.

This is not the case.

No matter what our outside circumstance are, we can BE free.

I have been so fortunate along the way in my own life journey to have meet and learned from some wonderful teachers.

And just for the record, I stay open and teachable as a principled approach to my life experience  - the truth is that anyone that I meet on any given day, will know something that I don’t and therefore can be my teacher.
As long as I stay open to life’s learnings I will continue to grow in effectiveness and understanding.

Of all the teachings and teachers I have tried to learn from, nature is the most effective of them all and trees in particular are my favourite teachers.

Trees are able to teach us present moment living by example.

They show us how to BE.

They are living, growing life sources that are not restricted by human duplicity or ego – they just ARE.

A tree isn't concerned by comparisons or the perception of other trees. Its does not experience the discomfort of being judged because it judges not.

When we connect to these teachings we can bring them into being in our own life experience – this is freedom.

Freedom from the mind made sense of self.

Notice how the tree simply IS
This beautiful living thing is 100 % in The Moment - amazing !

The tree dose not worry about yesterday or tomorrow, the tree does not measure itself by the surrounding trees as less than or more than - IT SIMPLY IS.

Connect to this Truth.