Silence is indeed golden, and pretty rare these days too. 

However in our daily devotion / meditation, we can utilise what might be perceived as "distractions" to assist us in deeper uninon and conscious contact with our True Selves. 

If in our meditation our minds get distracted by an external noise, the key here is to not try and resist this outside aspect. 

When we are in resistance mode we are empowering the mind made sense of frustration. 
We effectively, feed the situation energy which in turn strengthens the distraction and so deters us ever more from our goal of serenity and peaceful non dual knowing. 

At this point, many people say “oh meditation’s not for me, my life, my mind are just too busy”. 

This is where I urge you to reconsider. 
It’s because our lives and and minds can be so busy, that the practise of quite time, meditation / mindfulness is so vital to our holistic well-being. 
The key to noise distractions during our quite time, is to gently  acknowledge the noise  without resistance, without labelling and without the chattering mind made critic that condemns the noise and oft the person who we deem responsible for the noise too - then we go deeper. 

There’s always a layer beneath the layer. 

Know that any noise has to have come from the foundation blanket of Silence. 
It's this Silence underneath that we make our connection with. 

In some traditions this space is known as The River beneath the river. 

  Or the Río debajo

And it’s in this Deeper Stream where we find ourselves. 
Where we find  Peace. 

If you would like to find out more about the practise of Meditation of non dual living or anything you may have found in this writing that had connected to a part of you that you can feel is urging you to connect still further, then please contact me at fourth Dimension Life Coaching.