The World Needs A Paradigm Shift


How can we as individuals seek out this zenith of productivity that is interdependence and what actually is it ?

In terms of business or corporations, it knowing that the team work as one, together they pool ether individual resources and achieve their objectives by an energy of combined effort – this is powerful !

And we can transfer this ethos into our personal lives too. From family units, to friendship circles, to local community and beyond – to strive towards a global oneness, a collective consciousness of interdependence.

We must attain it via increments of personal growth – a journey of personal and professional development.

And I am passionate about that. I am a change agent and devoted to continually seeking to become who I truly am in this life experience and to finding ways to enhance and improve what it is I can bring to the table.

Many of us find this process counterintuitive. We are so used to the mind maps that we have relied on for so long, all of our lives in some cases. We are hard wired to see and experience situations in a certain way. How we see is often what we see – such is our perspective.

It’s the very paradigms themselves, these mind sets that convince us to see things a certain way, and therefore respond a certain way in kind.

I believe that in this mind set we are not, in reality, responding at all –  we are reacting. A reactionary response from pre-programmed neural grooves in our brains. We are in a very real sense SET IN OUR WAYS.

These neural pathways that govern our habits and behaviours are not cast in stone or in iron. They are made up of axons that project from neurons to make synapses onto other neurons that carry the preprogramed signal to the nervous system and hey presto – we react !

Now, in this changing world, never more so have we needed to review our old mind maps – to honesty evaluate the new terrain that lies ahead of us and the obsolete topography of our old outdated paradigms.

In this changing world, We need to change the way we think, we need to experience a paradigm shift !


My hope, my mission at Fourth Dimension Life Coaching is to help bring about that paradigm shift in you.


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