Those dark thoughts that overrun you sometimes, have definitely been my experience too. 

This negative, critical narrative would form as a thought process in my head, gain purchase and then I would grab at it and claim it as my reality. 

( not so much these days - I’m most grateful to say. ) 


This is a globally accepted form of our human condition or, as I call it - global insanity.  


We constantly go to our “control tower”,( our thinking ), to solve our problems or to confirm our perspective. 


I’ll quote  Albert Einstein here for clarity . . . . . 


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."


We readily believe that we are what we think, such is our conditioning. 


Please be encouraged here and know this . . . . . 





When we become more fully identified with The Awareness of the thinking and not the thinking itself, we begin to become enlightened. 


We achieve this through positive action. 


If we can't think our way into a better set of actions. 

We must act our way into a better set of thinking. 


It’s counterintuitive right - but this is what a transformative experience requires. 


Bottom line here - if nothing changes, nothing changes.  


I Found this and hope it connects to that deeper part of you - your True Self. 


It's by Ekart Tollé, author of The Power of Now. 




Nothing that comes and goes is you. 


"I am bored " Who knows this ? 


"I am angry, sad, afraid, who knows this ? 


You are THE KNOWING, not the condition that is known. 




It’s strange isn’t it, how our days fluctuate from feeling a million dollars to cry me a river, when seemingly our present situation or life circumstances haven’t altered at all. 

And yet, our mood drops and a heaviness descends. 


What I have come to know is that’s its our level of Awareness that alternates. 


Of course we experience life’s genuine struggles and challenges that stretch us way out of shape - but even these difficult phases of our development can be better navigated if we keep ourselves in a balanced and holistic state of well-being. 


There is a limitless wellspring that’s constantly available to us and all we have to do to access this space of expansion and serenity, is to allow ourselves to be open to it. 


I like to consider it an invitation to holistic wellbeing and what those of us, who have chosen to seek this layer beneath the layer do, is learn how to more fully and graciously accept this invitation. 


I believe, by the way, that this invite is extended universally to one and all. 


What we learn to in this endeavour,  is to dance ever more comfortably between the levels of Awareness.


Knowing that all things are in a state of flux - this feeling that situation, all will pass by and we will move on, learning as we do. 


What dosent change is The Awareness in its pure form - the fluctuations that we experience around it are caused by the level of identification we have with our mind made sense of self or the egoic roles that our thinking have assigned us on any given day.  


The Awareness really is a wonderful safety net that once you discover, you can’t fall out of. 

Your thinking might try to have you believe  otherwise, but that’s because the egoic thinking mind can’t exist in the light of the Awareness. 

It’s  no wonder it feels threatened by our intention and attention to this practise. 

So it behaves badly, sometimes petulantly sometimes subtly, other times insidiously. 

It will use what it can to survive and regain mastery over our will and our lives. 


Rest assured, the thinking slows down as we continue to practise the acceptance of The Awareness and we experience joy and harmony in our lives. 


The most effective way that I have found to develop this Awareness,  is through meditation.

I have a daily mediation practice, and have found much peace, insight and pure Joy as a result of this devotion over the last fourteen years or so – I simply don’t leave home without it.


I was taught to find my path in this personal practice - there are so many ways to mediate and perhaps that's a whole other conversation for us to have – I do hope so.


For now, I urge you to seek your own experience - find your joy and grow in understanding and effectiveness.