It’s sad to know that so many of us are hitting a bumpy section of The Road. 

The Broad Highway of life.

These really are such difficult times for us all. 

And the longer the covid-19 situation continues to restrict us as a people, the more we may expect to face further trying times. 

That’s why now, more so than ever, it is vital for us to nurture ourselves and each other in our holistic wellbeing, to ensure that our mental health is in good shape, so that we can stand united in our humanity at this time of adversity. 

It’s crucial that we we make a concerted effort to consciously connect to our combined necessity for proactive change. 

I would like to encourage everyone to know the following - 

No feeling is final. 

The depression, soul heaviness or what ever name we give it, that is manifesting in our world these days is negatively galvanised by the conscious or unconscious thought process that wants us to believe that it’s always going to be this tough. 

It isn’t. 

In our shadow selves we tend to perpetuate this difficult sense of reality by a negative mind set that reinforces and ratifies the mind made projections of impending doom. This energy, if combined en masse, can become a “preconstuction” of harder and harder times ahead. 

It’s like we join together in the cinemas of our minds ,an amalgamation projectionist of the demos, we project the movie of doom - then all cordially step into that self same script of sadness that we ourselves created. 

I believe  that long term sufferers of depression never escape the long term deception of their mind. 

When my thinking becomes overtly destructive, in dark and corrosive waves of negativity and critical condemnation,  -  I use this mantra . . . 


I am not my thinking 

I am not my thinking 

I am not my thinking


In this practice we become more clearly aware that we are not our thinking, and that we are, in fact the awareness of our thinking. 

As we become the watcher of our mind, we become, by design, enlightened. 

Be encouraged and know this . . . . . 




To become more fully identified with The Awareness ( our True selves ), is to know freedom from the bondage of our shadow selves, that mind made sense of who we "think" we are - no matter what our present external circumstances are.


I Love this quote by the sublime Ekart Tolle - I hope it goes to that deeper part of you, your True Self. 




Nothing that comes and goes is you. 


"I am bored " Who knows this ? 


"I am angry, sad, afraid, who knows this ? 


You are THE KNOWING, not the condition that is known. 


Go well - Stay Free.