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My name is Jonathan Brown
from Fourth Dimension Life Coaching



Thirteen years ago I had a profound life reboot that radically changed my  trajectory, my  perception and my general outlook on life.

I describe this moment of absolute clarity as an awakening – I was no longer asleep, dreaming that I was awake.
I could see with eyes that were now fully open to the destruction and turmoil that my life had become.

The choices that I was making and the driving forces behind them had driven me into a downward spiral. I was in a deep dark space, in which I could hardly breath.

All of my relationships were fractured or finished  – I’d lost sight of who I even was – I had tens of thousands of pounds of debt wrapped around me and was out of ideas.    

 I was done!









 My work background is one of engineering. I also own a property investment company and over the last ten years or so, I have been able to double the property stock in our portfolio.

Today I have a life of freedom, peace and Joy. I have financial security and have strived to ensure a way of being that is fruitful, rewarding and limitless. I have demonstrated a design for living to our children, that will allow them to live as happy, fulfilled adults with freedom of choice in their own life experiences.

Since that radical change thirteen years ago, not only have I achieved greater business success, I have been about the business of self-actualization and seeking of holistic well-being in all areas of my life.



During these past thirteen years I have had the experience of working with many people and the honour of bearing witness to their transformational growth.

While I have worked predominately on a one to one basis, I have also written and facilitated workshops for groups of people too.

I have constructed and delivered talks on transformational living, mindfulness and the practice of meditation, and have presented these at various conferences.



 Life Coaching and Mentoring in London and Worldwide


I have considerable experience in sporting events. Whether this is running marathons, other endurance events, weight lifting, body weight targets and or body fat percentage goals and I’ve had the satisfaction of achieving all of my goals within each of these disciplines.

I mention the sporting aspect because I truly believe that whether you are embarking on a personal relationship goal, an exciting business opportunity or any life challenge experience, the starting place of holistic and intrinsic well-being is absolutely vital.

I believe that How we do anything is how we do everything.



Which takes us to the challenging question of -

 How do you want to do life ?

I am passionate about personal development.

I am inspired and energized by helping others to achieve their goals.

My hope is that through my coaching practice and speaking opportunities I can help you to develop a deeper awareness of who you are, to help you unlock your unlimited potential and to create a design for living that will drive you to achieve all of your inspirational goals and aspirations.




“Partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”





 I am a professional life coach, a member of
The International Coach Federation...

... and I work in accordance with The ICF’S Code of Ethics, my intention is aligned to their definition of  professional coaching.




If you would like to find out more about personal development, transformational change and enlightenment, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Fourth Dimension Life Coaching.